Clutch declares Studio Mosaic a Global Leader in Digital Marketing and Design

From Top-10 PPC Management companies in India, to being one of the Top 3 Mobile App Marketing agencies in the world – we couldn’t be more excited! Clutch, a leading firm-research-and-review company based in the US recently announced its list of Global Leaders in the Digital Marketing and Design space. We’re thrilled to share that our efforts have earned us the #2 spot in the company’s list of Top Mobile App Marketing Agencies in the world. CEO and co-founder of Studio Mosaic, Akhil Chandra accredited this achievement to not only his team but his clients and said, “We’re proud of our hard work, and grateful to our clients for their trust. Our clients’ success defines ours and this recognition reflects our dedication to each and every one of them. We will go forward with the same sentiment and grab the #1 spot soon.

Click here to read the full report by Clutch.

Dec, 14, 2017