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“The Story is what’s going to get people excited”- Blake Mycoskie

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Upto 50% of app downloads result directly from organic search! A very high percentage to ignore, don't you think? Our strongest skill i.e ASO strategy, optimises your app's entire app store presence to improve its discovery and enhance conversions.


Today's localised world speaks many different languages. Then why should your app speak only one? We engage with native language speakers to translate your keywords and app store description into colloquial parlance, best suited for the target country.

App Preview Video

App Preview Videos for the app store are fast becoming a pre-requisite. And why not, since they have shown to improve conversion rates by as much as 80%. Get in touch with us to create a killer 30 second preview video for your app in less than two weeks.

Press Release Writing

Our team of skilled copywriters are adept at drafting & disseminating your press release. They create a compelling press kit that creates a unique selling proposition that is sure to get eyeballs and coverage from top app related media publications.

App Review Site Submission

We have been engaging with the top app/ game review websites for iOS & android for over two years. Our marketing team has built proficiencies in creating an attractive pitch for your app & reaching out to top publishers to get guaranteed coverage.

User Acquisition (PPC/PPI)

Our team of experienced campaign managers specialise in running PPC/PPI campaigns. They will plan, create and optimise your ad campaign within one week to get maximum app installs at minimum cost across social, search & display advertising networks.

Give Your App Some Mosaic Magic!

A strong marketing strategy rests on three pillars - Search Discovery, Visual Appeal and User Reach.

With over a million apps on the app store today, it has become imperative to incorporate the right app store search strategy to get your app discovered. This is our core specialisation and we cover all aspects of an app's app store presence including app store category, app title, keywords and description.

After getting people to discover the app, we have to convince them to download it. This is where the visual appeal plays an important part in converting app store page visitors into app users. At Studio Mosaic, we know how to tell a good story by focussing on your app icon, screenshots, preview video and favourable user reviews.

And finally, to truly go viral, we need to provide greater exposure to the app through reviews and paid advertising. Here it is not merely sufficient to tell the right story but its also important to tell it to the right audience. Our marketing team quickly identifies the right audience for your app and then reaches out to relevant sites and advertising networks to obtain loyal users.

Our app marketing service bouquet can be summed up as a full cycle app marketing bouquet aimed at taking your app to the top of the app store charts. We offer a multitude of services to support your app across all the three phases in the form of:

  • Pre Launch Teasers
  • App Launch Buzz
  • Post Launch Maintenance

Our services include

  • App Audit & Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Icon & Screenshot Optimization
  • Localisation
  • User Ratings & Reviews
  • Press Release Management
  • App Review Site Submission
  • Advertising & User Acquisition
  • Community Management Services (Social Media)
  • Marketing Content & Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Other App Marketing Services
  • App Idea Research
  • App Monetization Strategy

Marketing Packages

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  •   App Audit Report  
    17 Review(s)

  •   Competition Analysis  
    32 Review(s)

  •   Keyword Optimization  
    6 Review(s)

  •   App Description Writing  
    15 Review(s)

  •   App Title Optimization  
    26 Review(s)

  •   App Store Category
    3 Review(s)

  •   App Store Screenshots
  •   App Preview Video
  •   Press Release Writing  
  •   User Acquisition
      Ad Campaign Management
  •   Consulting - Monetisation
  •   Timeline

  • 5 to 7 days

  • 15 to 20 days

  • 28-31 days