5 Tips to Build Your App’s Social Media Presence Successfully

Popular clothing brand Missguided enjoys a following of over 3.5 million on Instagram. The brand kills it with its #relatable content which includes everything from memes, to lifestyle related posts, to user generated content, along with their regular product features.

In 2018, Missguided partnered with viral TV show Love Island, used IG Stories as well as regular posts to feature what the hottest contestants were wearing. The company saw a 40% WoW hike in its sales when the show aired on TV. This was all a result of a genius strategy which included driving engagement through trending content on Instagram and then using product placement to boost sales

Your social media presence is how you communicate with your potential customers, everyday. No matter how kickass your ads/products are, if you have a boring social media page, you’re probably never getting the user back. Engaging visual content on social media is the best hack to boost your organic reach, especially today when the digital advertising space is so competitive.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have an amazing graphics designer at hand with a knack for social media friendly content, follow these tips to create quick social media posts for your business.

  1. Done is better than perfect. If you don’t have a goal about how you want your social media pages to look like or what what will be the key messaging, start with “Coming soon” posts. More often than not, people give in to curiosity.
  2. Pick a colour to create a theme. Every colour has an underlying message and affects the brain differently. Beauty brands usually go for Pink because it’s associated with femininity. Find a colour that speaks for your brand and stick to it. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but also saves time when you’re conceptualizing new posts.
  3. Plan your posts. Quizzes, Fun Facts, Giveaways, Tip of the Day, are some of the easier forms of content if you’re just getting started. A simple Google search will give you enough meat for a week! Use what’s trending to your benefit. There are no rules to social media. If you can find a funny meme your audience can relate to, post it!
  4. Don’t waste time learning a new designing tool if you’re just starting out. Apps like Canva and Adobe Spark are great for beginners and offer amazing templates. Simply add the text and background images in a template that you like and get going. Since you already have the colour theme and content decided, creating this post will now take you less than 2 minutes!
  5. Lastly, stay abreast with what’s popular across social media. If the internet is divided about what shape this planet is, work your content around it. There’s a viral Netflix show? Talk about it. Using (appropriate) internet slang can also work wonders. Social media is all about connecting with the youth. Communicate with them in their language and snatch their wigs!

If you were to take away one thing from this article, let it be consistency. One thing you’ll find in common across all popular social media pages is their consistency – be it with the frequency of their posts, the type of content, or simply the aesthetics of their pages. Stick to these tips and be consistent. The rest will follow.


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