Launched in 2013, StickMe Notes is a sticky notes app with a built in alarm and calendar. It is an upgrade to the boring old paper note with handwritten or text notes on your iOS device. For users who do not wish to draw or type, StickMe Notes makes life easier by allowing them to attach a photo or create a voice note.

With multiple additional and unique features, StickMe Notes has found multiple use cases among users and has remained one of the most popular sticky notes app on the App Store.

  • Over 200,000 downloads
  • Average 300 daily organic downloads
  • 650+ reviews with average rating of 4.8
  • Ranked in top 10 in 14 countries
  • Ranked in top 100 apps in 100 countries
  • Number 1 Productivity App in India


Attractive Sticky Notes

Choose from a variety of sticky notes in different colours, shapes and sizes. Add quick notes with tasks, days of the week, reminders and much more!

Custom Reminders

Create fast and reliable reminders with due date and alarm so you never forget the things that matter. You can even view the calendar to check the days.

Multiple Notice Boards

Categorize your notes into custom folders. Use it to create actions items for work, home, shopping etc. Also mark notes as ‘Important’ or ‘Secret’.

Add Quick Notes

Too tired to type out a note - Then simply draw, record an audio note or click a photo to attach to the note. Create a note anyway you like.

Personalized Themes

Customize the look of your notice board by choosing from a variety of background options or select a photo from your camera roll to use as background.

Quick Access Toolbar

Drag your note to the shortcut toolbar on the home screen to delete, set an alarm or set password. Simply shake your iPhone to sort your notes.

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