Read about our CEO’s full journey as an ‘Appreneur’

(The word) MOSAIC is made up of the letters of the first name of everyone in my family!’ – Akhil Chandra, Founder & CEO, Studio Mosaic. Read more such interesting facts about Studio Mosaic & Akhil’s journey as an ‘Appreneur’ in this edition of Kalido’s Self Starter Series on Medium You can read the full […] Read more

Aug, 22, 2017


8 App Store Changes and its implication on ASO strategies

Our CEO’s writes about the newly redesigned app store and its implication on ASO strategies. It explains the process to improve organic visibility and get more downloads after the significant changes are done in the Apple store. You can read the full article on Clutch here.  

Jul, 28, 2017


App Store Optimization – Increase Visibility and Acquire More Users

In this webinar, Akhil Chandra, Founder & CEO of Studio Mosaic will tell you all about a few steps you should take to optimize and rank your apps higher on app store and play store. Click here to watch it.

May, 11, 2017


Applift – Guest Blog Launch Strategy

Check out our CEO’s latest blog post on creating a killer launch strategy for your app. It gives a detailed account of the activities you can undertake during the pre-launch, launch and post-launch phase. You can read the full article on the Applift blog here.  

May, 13, 2016


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